24 Scheduling Logic ( 36 min )
24.01 Shift and Calendar

Setting up the working days and time in Asprova through the Shift and Calendar will be discussed in this video.
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24.02 Command

The [Scheduling parameters] determines the processing that takes place when you run the rescheduling. The [Scheduling parameters] is made up of "Commands", each of which defines different kinds of data processing.
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24.03 Parameter

We will study the basic functions like "Assignment Direction", "Resource Evaluation" and "Dispatching Rule" in this tutorial.
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24.04 Status

We can see in which state each operation is from the "Status". We will learn how to fix the operations to be stuck at the Resource Gantt Chart and set several status such as "released", "frozen" or "completed".
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24.05 Resource Quantity

Let's take a look at how to set up certain pieces of equipment and/or operators that are available in certain time periods. We will also show an example of how to shorten the production time by half in this tutorial.
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24.06 Furnace Resource

Let's study the furnace resource. It is a resource in which multiple operations are assigned to start and finish at the same time.
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24.07 Sub Resource

We will learn how to register and assign the sub resources to the same time with the main resources or to the internal or external setup time only on this tutorial.
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24.08 Setup Time (Item,Spec)

In this video, we will teach you how to schedule the "setup time" with switching items and specs in Asprova.
Online Help: Specifying a setup time for changing an item
Online Help: Specifying a setup time for changing spec
24.09 Setup Time (Resource)

Let us now study how to create a schedule set up by switching the main resource and sub resource. We will show that it is also possible to schedule the setup time for changing molds and jig tools.
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24.10 Material Requirement Calculation

This video will teach you how you could calculate required quantity of materials and move the input time from the manufacturing time to the setup time.
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24.11 Material Requirement Calculation (Yield, Scrap)

Calculating material requirement while taking into account yield and scrap will be shown in this tutorial.
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24.12 Time Constraint

We will be learning how to connect previous operation with the current operation taking into account time delays for each resource and item.
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24.13 Operation Split

In this tutorial, we will show you how to divide operations up within one process and distribute them to multiple resources. Matching to actual on-site size flow and reducing lot size to cut lead time.
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24.14 Auto Replenishment

Let's study the Auto-replenishment function of Asprova where we can inspect the inventory of the raw material and parts and automatically create replenishment orders.
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24.15 Safety Stock-Inventory MIN

Now, we will discuss how you can set the safety stock with Auto replenishment function. If you set the safety stock, then orders will be auto-replenished so that the inventory will not fall below the safety stock.
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24.16 Inventory Constraint

We are going to study how to detect when the material is about to run out from the Inventory Constraint feature of Asprova.
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