Key words

  • Mounting on one side or both side

  • Automatic mounting line

  • Setup time for switching the NC programs

  • Preparing the components

  • Finished item inventory


Talking about the printed circuit board manufacturing, we should take the following tasks into consideration when making schedules.

  • Different mounting specifications of each item
    • * Surface mount(one side or both sides)
    • * Components
    • * Changing the NC programs for the automatic mounting line
  • Various types of mounting components
    • * Inventory allocation
    • * Preparation schedule/instruction

Moreover, there are some common problems for manufacturing industries

  • Inventory management of various types and quantities of items
  • ATP to sudden order change

We will introduce how production scheduler solves problems in manufacturing printed circuit board, which is difficult for manual operation to solve.

Video List (16min)
61.01 Overview of the master settings for a printed circuit board mounting process schedule.

Here, we will overview following conditions: definition of processes, facility settings, set up for NC program switching and the necessity of scheduling components preparation processes.
61.02 Create a schedule for a printed circuit board mounting process.

Here, we will describe how to create a schedule for a printed circuit board mounting process.
While mastering the content of chart and check point, we schedule it with finite capacity based on master.
61.03 Import Result and ATP

Register the manufacturing result and reschedule it with the progress.
Moreover, add a rush order and reschedule it to make ATP.
61.04 Auto-replenishment feature, which takes into account safety stock of final items.

This feature makes manufacturing orders automatically to replenish shortages while taking safety stock into account.
We can make schedules which make up for the manufacturing orders with lot size and control the inventory
61.05 Setup time for switching printed circuit board

On the auto-mounting line, we need to switch the NC program when items change.
Schedule the setup time for switching and minimize the setup time.
61.06 Scheduling of preparation processes in synchronization with the automatic mounting operations.

In the auto-mounting line, there are various types and large quantities of components
As a result, well preparation before mounting makes huge difference in manufacturing efficiency.
Schedule the preparation processes and generate instructions synchronized with the start time of auto-mounting line.

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