Key words

  • Machining center

  • Make-to-order manufacturing

  • Dynamic bottleneck process base on order situation

  • Heating

  • Setup for switching modules and outside diameter spec

  • Constraint with operator number


Gears come in various shapes according to the application, and the required processes differ depending on the type of gear that is ordered.
Gear manufacturers struggle with the fact that processes with high load concentration, in other words bottleneck processes vary according to the order situation.

As delivery delays must be avoided, gear manufacturers have no choice but to accept only orders with ample delivery time.
However, it will result in the opportunity loss

Here, we will introduce the scheduling soft point for fast generating gears production schedule, which is considered difficult.

Video list
65.00 Problems of gears production scheduling   Video  
65.01 Registering master data and scheduling

In order to generate a realizable schedule, we need to register essential processes and manufacturing capacity
We will describe the required master settings for each progress in the gear production line schedule.
It is also possible to schedule with setup for switching modules and size(outside diameter spec).
65.02 Finding out bottle-neck process and using it effectively

We can figure out the bottle-neck process based on master data such as waiting time and load.
Then let’s make full use of it to contribute to throughput improvement.
65.03 Scheduling for heating process

We can schedule the heating process with complicated constraints in a simple way.
  • Input and removed at the same time.
  • Grouping of operations with the same conditions.
  • Cannot be suspended
65.04 Scheduling for workers

Grinding process requires advanced processing skills.
There are often constraints regarding the number of workers.
We will describe the scheduling with the constraints of operator number and operating time.
65.05 Reflect the result and add orders

By reflecting the results, progress, including plan delays, can be taken into account.
New orders from customers are being added every day.
Facing with the dynamic condition, with the full use of scheduler, we can achieve visualization, manage it properly and realize the accurate ATP.

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