Key words

  • JIT production

  • Daily estimated production

  • Setup workers

  • Future manpower planning


Wire harness manufacturers are facing various problems.

  • Production and shipping on a strict time basis are required to achieve just in time (JIT) production.
  • Estimated daily production must be scheduled based on the customer forecast quantities.
  • While the automation of production line advances, the importance of manpower planning for setup and the like are rising.
  • However, creating production schedules that take into account estimated future demand and production line and worker assignments is extremely difficult.

We will describe how to solve these difficult problems with the production scheduler.

Video List (30min)
63.00 Overview

A wire harness is a combination of electrical cables and connectors that are connected together for supplying power and transmitting signals.
The production process is divided into two processes: sub assembly process and assembly process.
We will introduce the issues in wire harness production and how to solve them with the production scheduler.
63.01 Master data settings and finite capacity scheduling

The production scheduler enables planning of finite capacity schedules in which operations are automatically leveled according to production capacities.
In addition, it can cover the entire production process from sales to purchases by using required quantity calculation and auto replenishment.
63.02 Estimated daily production based on the customer forecast quantities

We will plan a daily production schedule based on the customer forecast quantities over two weeks provided by the customer.
Asprova supports features such as daily estimated production and changes in quantities at finalization.
63.03 Schedule planning that takes into account the constraints of the number of workers

In sub assembly processes, schedules must take into account setup.
In the assembly process, schedules must take into account adjustments in worker assignments.
Asprova enables us to plan schedules with worker shift and number constraints and plan future manpower schedules.

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