Key words

  • Injection pressure

  • Number of molds and the number of cavities

  • Setup time for switching components or molds

  • Bulk production

  • Requirement calculation: scrap and yield


The mold injection manufacturers are faced with various problems and tasks.

  • Work instructions are required to consider the number of molds and facilities as well as the injection pressure.
  • Plans need to be changed, considering the maintenances or failures of molds.
  • Workers need to be correctly assigned based on the changeovers of parts or molds.
  • The rate of yield or the number of scraps should be counted to purchase the correct amounts of raw materials.

We will describe how to solve these problems with scheduler.

Video List (30min total)
64.01 Master data registration and scheduling of production process for injection-molded items

Assemble the two Injection-molded items and manufacture the finished items
By registering processes and production capacities in this way, realizable plans can be scheduled quickly.
64.02 Equipment constraint 1 – Injection molding machine assignment based on injection pressure

When injecting resin from the injection molding machine into the mold, we must take into account the injection molding pressure.
There is a permissible range of pressure that the mold can resist, and exceeding this range will cause mold failure.
It is possible to prevent plans or instructions at the planning stage, which would result in the upper injection pressure limit being exceeded.
64.03 Constraint 2 – Number of molds and number of cavities

Schedules can be created by taking into account the number of molds and the number of cavities, maintenance, mold failures, and so on.
The higher the number of cavities, the shorter the production time, even for the same mold
In case that the molds cannot be used for a certain period due to maintenance, it is possible to prohibit the usage or reduce the number of cavities in a given period.
64.04 Reflecting operation results in the schedule and replying with the delivery dates for rush orders

By reflecting the results, progress, including plan delays, can be taken into account.
We can verify the ATP in case of rush orders being added
Let’s schedule it with daily progress and order condition into account.
64.05 Molded part and mold switching setup

In the Injection-molded process, operators switch the components and molds.
So, we can generate the schedule with the constraint of operator number and operating time
Moreover, let’s minimize the setup time to improve the operator efficiency.
64.06 Bulk production and safety stock based on lot size

According to the bulk production, we can reduce the setup time and improve the production efficiency.
Even in times of increasing demand, we can generate schedules that secure safety stocks so as not to incur shortages.
Let's generate schedules that reduce product shortages while improving production efficiency.
64.07 Requirement calculation (scrap and yield) and purchase plan

Generate the purchase plans based on the required amount calculation for the row material.
The scrap quantity and yield rate are factored in the calculation of the required amounts.
In addition, we can also create purchase schedules for raw materials that take into account required amounts, inventories, and stock on order.

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