By generating a prototype, we can quickly and exactly evaluate whether Asprova is useful for your company or not. In order to generate the prototype, it is necessary to master Asprova and the current situation of your factory.
We will help you to generate your initial prototype for free.


  • Basic learning

    Please watch the e-Learning video to learning Asprova and answer the quiz.
    The goal is to get over 90% correction rates

  • Conduct online training (2 hours on WebEx for free)

    Learn the prototype generating method.
    We will describe how to input the "Diagnosis sheet for increasing interest" in order to grasp the current situation of your own factory.

  • Generate your own prototype
  • Conduct the online training and complete the prototype

If interested, please contact us by inputting "Prototype applicant" into the form Contact us
or participate our Webinar (Web seminar) Join !.