In order to become sales partners of Asprova, it is required to master Asprova and generate the prototype with client's data. We will give technical training for Asprova and prototype generating training to our sales partners. After that, we will Sign the sales partner agreement.

■Qualification for sales partners

  • Organized corporation
  • Over one salesman who is familiar with manufacturing
  • Over one employee in IT field who can support implementation of Asprova
  • Already having clients in manufacturing industry


  • Basic learning

    Please watch the e-Learning video to learning Asprova and answer the quiz. The goal is to get over 90% correction rates

  • Conduct online training (2 hours on WebEx for free)

    Learn the prototype generating method.
    We will describe how to input the "Diagnosis sheet for increasing interest" in order to grasp the current situation of your own factory

  • Generate the prototype (Operate trail version of Asprova by your own)

    You can use data of your potential clients if possible

  • Conduct online training (2 hours on WebEx for free)

    Demonstrate the prototype you generated.
    We will answer your questions and describe the implementation guide of Asprova

  • Giving the technical education above, we will review the sales partner agreement in parallel and conclude the agreement.

*When you generating prototype for potential clients, we are ready for support if necessary (WebEx).
If interested, please contact us by inputting "Sales partner applicant" into the form Contact us
or participate our Webinar (Web seminar) . Join !