Key words

  • Number of colors to be printed

  • Printing width and length

  • Time constraints: Ink drying time, drum preparation

  • Switching of the drum


Flexible packaging printing companies are facing various problems.

  • They must prepare the printing plate before printing.
  • The fact that the number of colors that can be handled depends on the printing machine must be taken into consideration.
  • The length of the products that can be printed depends on the diameter of the drum of the printing machine.
  • Additional orders and rush orders also must be accommodated.

We will describe how to use the scheduler for schedule planning that maximizes printing process efficiency in order to solve such problems.

Video List (30min)
66.00 Overview

66.01 Overview of master data settings for flexible packaging printing process

Based on the work time of the printing machine, you can assign operations to each process set in advance. Schedules can be created automatically and quickly.
66.02 Time constraints and equipment constraints

We will describe how to create schedules that take into consideration wait times between operations, the working time of the printing machine, and the like.
Set the time relationships between operations using the Integrated Master table.
And by making calendar adjustments, scheduling according to actual work time can be achieved.
66.03 Constraints on printing machines

Printing machines are subject to constraints such as the supported number of colors and printable length.
By setting upper and lower limits for the number of colors and printable length for each machine, automatic locking can be achieved during scheduling and mouse dragging.
Multiple constraints can be easily factored in in this way.
66.04 Drum switching setup time

The drum needs to be replaced according to the product to be produced.
However, as replacing the drum takes time, the printing machine must be stopped during drum replacement.
By registering the length and item switches in a setup table and Integrated Master, you can easily create schedules that factor in the setup times for switches and the working time of the workers performing the setups.
66.05 Adjustment of the assignment order

By adjusting assignments to each printing machine and sequences, you can efficiently create production schedules for printing machines.
And by setting the scheduling parameter Forward, you can minimize setup times while considering also due dates and item differences.
66.06 Import Result and ATP

Through rescheduling based on results, you can check that there is no lateness and determine whether the addition of working time is required.
You can also run simulations to see whether rush orders will be delivered on time.

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