The Asprova data is all in a number of objects in memory. These objects are hierarchically linked and at the same time they can be linked in network form as necessary and as desired. Multiple properties reside within objects and the values are stored in the properties. There are more than 30 internal types of property forms and the main ones are shown in these tables.

Int4 Integer
Time Date and time
TimeSpan Time
Enum Enumerated values
Float8 Real numbers
Symbol Character strings
Expression Formulae equations expressions
SortExpression Sort
GroupingExpression Grouping
Object Objects
Table 1 Types of Properties


The expression types assign the expression such as numerical formulas described in cells in Excel and the values are calculated during execution. Object types build links with other objects and will make any network desired and a hierarchical structure. Here is an example of the hierarchical structure of an object.


Fig. 1 Hierarchical Structure of an Object



All objects are under a root object. Under the object in Sample are such objects as orders materials and product types and under them are objects that are storing data. BOM data is stored under the product type.

  In Asprova APS Ver. 5.3 there are 158 object types (classes) and 2446 property types.