Since its establishment 15 years ago Asprova has continued to work on research and development that specializes in the production scheduler. We have already handled the demand for schedulers at more than 1200 user sites and are working every year on version upgrades. The more than 2000 types of properties that we offer reflect the condensation of know-how that is demanded by those more than 1200 users. Listening to the demands of our customers for those 15 years and providing them with steadfast development laid the road to the development of those 2000 property types.

The method of operating Asprova so far has been to use it as a standalone system but one that is linked in data to existing systems (ERP). The direction of future development is toward being network capable and web capable. What new role can the production scheduler perform when it makes full use of the Internet? Examinations to that end are just starting but we are looking forward to advancement in research and development of that kind.