Since the beginning of 2008 we have seen rapid increases in the number of Japanese overseas factories installing Asprova. Not just Japanese but Chinese Taiwanese South Korean US and European manufacturers have also begun increased installation of Asprova. For more than 15 years now we have dedicated ourselves to developing the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System. From here on we will be perfecting our sales and support system in the world market working to support increased profits for the global manufacturing industry.

In writing this book I am indebted to the Asprova user corporations who have cooperated in gathering materials through case studies to Asprova Ltd. Consulting Department Manager Uemura Yoshitaka who has have provided us with an extremely wide variety of data tables and diagrams to all the Asprova employees who have given their hard work every day and to the customers who have given their patronage to Asprova. I want to express my profound thanks to all of you.

September 2008

Takahashi Kuniyoshi

Asprova Corporation