Q: When just-in-time products and non-just-in-time products are mixed together how do you manage scheduling?

A: In the examples of applied use of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System there are cases in which materials are divided between just-in-time products and non-just-in-time products. Raw materials have little fluctuation in demand as just-in-time products and are procured (external purchase or internal manufacture) by the just-in-time inventory management method. Materials that fluctuate extremely in demand or materials for which one cannot forecast need are BOM-registered as non-just-in-time products in the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System and are procured based on the results of production scheduling. They can of course be BOM-registered just-in-time products. At that time trends in per-diem demand quantities and estimates on the number of just-in-time cards needed will be output as results of the planning and scheduling system.

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