Q: There are several types of work done including internal setup manufacture and external setup. We want to hold down excessive costs from wages so what method is there to know precisely the number of personnel that will be need in the future.

A: Precisely scheduling the work that workers do will allow us to determine how many employees we will need in the future. The diagram below shows us the kind of schedule that will be.


Case 1 assigns a worker during manufacturing time. Case 2 assigns workers only during setup. Case 6 is an external setup. Where the worker will be assigned to setup manufacture or teardown is determined exactly by the settings in BOM and that way we know how many workers are necessary. We can also assign the number of workers and schedule the restrictions on them.

For example if we have sales forecast and estimated order data and if we schedule that data as manufacturing data then we can forecast the number of workers needed for each day next month. This way we can reduce personnel costs by cutting back on the amount of overtime and working on days off and adjust the number of part-time workers we needed in advance.

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