23 User Interface ( 30 min )
23.01 Create Project and Setup Scheduling Period

We will now explain how to operate Asprova according to operation flow from this video. You will also see how to set up the scheduling basis time from this demo.
Online Help: Table time chart windows overview
23.02 Integrated Master Editor table and Column Settings

This tutorial shows how to copy and paste master data from excel sheet to the Integrated Master Editor and how to hide columns that are not be needed for the mean time.
23.03 Display Settings - Style

After hiding the columns and changing the column width, we can use and save the "Style" when we want to reuse the same display settings.
Online Help: Style settings
23.04 Setup Shift, Calendar and Display Resource Gantt Chart

Setting the Shift and Calendar table and adjusting the Display color to easily view the operations on the Resource Gantt Chart.
23.05 Add Order 1 - Create User Property

Adding new property which is not in Order table of Asprova initially will be discussed in this tutorial.
Online Help: New Property Definition dialog
23.06 Add Order 2 - Copy and Auto Fill

We will show you how to adjust the column of the Order table in order to paste the data from the prototype data sheet to Asprova.
Online Help: Shortcut keys
23.07 Layout Settings - Layout

Registering Prototype datasheet to Asprova and saving new layout settings will be discussed in this tutorial.
Online Help: Layout settings
23.11 Reschedule - Message Window

We can now create a schedule as we have finished the required data settings. We will see the evaluation of the scheduling results displayed in the Message Window.
23.12 Check Lateness - Order Gantt Chart

We can learn from this tutorial how to quickly check the orders with delays of due dates as well as see several adjustments we can do to make it easier for you to see the visualized production schedule of Asprova.
23.13 Check Operations and Move Operations - Resource Gantt Chart

Checking and moving operations and adjusting delayed orders will be discussed in this video.
Online Help: Fix
23.14 Change Calendar - Resource Gantt Chart

In this video we will show the "what-if" simulation that you can do to try to eliminate delayed orders.
23.15 Check Operations and Move Operations - Dispatching View

We're now going to show you how to utilize Dispatching view to confirm or adjust operations.
23.16 Check Load of Resources - Resource Load Graph

This video will show you how to check the load of resources through Asprova's Resource Load Graph. We will explain how you could set up the graphs so as you could see which resources have heavy loads.
23.17 Check Shortage of Items - Inventory Graph

We will show you how you can check whether or not there's a shortage of materials by looking at the inventory graph.
23.18 Pivot and Grouping

How to sort the list aggregated by the order quantity of each customer or item using the Pivot Table and grouping will be thoroughly discussed in this tutorial.
Online Help: Pivot overview
Online Help: Grouping
23.19 Change Status to Release - Resource Gantt Chart

Changing status of operations to either "Released", "Completed" or "Unfreeze" which can put out instructions.
Online Help: Status
23.21 Enter Result - Resource Gantt Chart

We will now show you how to input the results from the Resource Gantt Chart and how "Completed" and "Started" operation bar look like.
23.31 Reschedule Again - Change Scheduling Basis Time

Confirming the progress of the current operation and optimizing schedule for delayed orders by changing the scheduling basis time and rescheduling.
23.32 Reschedule Modify Order

We had a sudden request to change the due date.