Q: What should you do with the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System to incorporate and operate the programs (plug-ins) you have developed links to?

A: When a plug-in is developed you can directly access almost all of the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System's internal data (objects and properties) and can reference add change delete and execute internal methods (processing). Plug-ins allow high-level high-speed development with close linkage. Developing plug-ins requires that you have a good knowledge for making use of the COM interface technology which gives development with a high level of functionality? compared to external programs.

'// Plug-in source codes Example in Visual Basic
'// Create class definitions
'// 070327

Public Function CreateNewClass(className As String classAlias As String project As ASBProject args As AsPlugInManager.ASPArgList) As ASOObject

Dim classDef As ASOObject
Set classDef = project.CreateUserClassDef(className className) If classDef Is Nothing Then
     Set CreateNewClass = Nothing
     Exit Function
End If

'Other name for the class definition
classDef.Alias = classAlias

'Other name for the class root
Dim classRoot As ASOObject
Set classRoot = project.FindChild(className)
If Not classRoot Is Nothing Then
     classRoot.Alias = classAlias
End If

' Return the class root
Set CreateNewClass = classRoot

End Function

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