Key words

  • Switching insulation material

  • Changing the number of laid up wires

  • Setup operators

  • Manufacture/Purchase by lot unit


In the electrical cable manufacturing industry, shortage avoiding and accurate ATP make a big different in sales and profits.

With production scheduler, we can secure proper inventory, shorten lead time and respond to due date quickly.
Besides, we can reflect the operation progress/result to the schedule and inspect the effect by delivery delays in advance resulting from facility failure and production delay so that we can improve the ability to respond promptly.
Moreover, I will show you how to improve the facility operating rate and reduce fixed cost by setup changing time minimization and lot manufacturing.

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62.01 Overview of the master data settings for an electrical cable production line schedule

Overview of the master data settings for the electrical cable production line schedule.
We will describe the required master settings for each progress in the electrical cable production line schedule.
62.02 Planning production schedules with equipment capacity constraints

Check the operation assignment condition on the Resource Gantt chart, which has taken operate calendar and resource capacity into account.
Calculate the manufacturing time and peg the operations.
Introduce the dispatch view which is used for inventory assumption and manufacturing instruction from scheduling result.
62.03 Reflecting operation results in the schedule and replying the delivery dates for rush orders

We can create a production schedule which has reflected the operation progress due to such as facility failure , and production result.
As a result, we can inspect the delivery delay and shortage in advance.
Moreover, we can make a judgment whether can meet the due date of rush orders quickly.
62.04 Schedules to minimizing inventory while preventing shortage

Describe how to generate schedules considering replenishment method, lot size, safety stock amount, assignment directions by characteristics of items.
Generally, the products are based on order production. It is assigned backward from due date to minimize the inventory.
On the other hand, common items such as coated wire and purchasing items, are often produced and purchased at lot unit that takes into account the production and procurement efficiency and safety stock.
62.05 Minimizing setup time

It is important for the electrical cable industry to improve facility operating rate in order to reduce the fixed charge.
It is also necessary for schedules to make a full use of facility capacity and minimize the time of switching insulation material and setup for facility.
Here, I will describe the setting method about switching insulation material and changing number of laid up wires and scheduling parameters.
62.06 Scheduling to constrain the workers in setups

Although the automation of manufacturing facility is progressing, when comes to setup, we have to allocate operators.
Scheduling to visualize required operator number for setup and consider the number of operators.

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