Q: What are expressions? Tell us how you use expressions.

A: Just as you would enter a numerical formula into a cell in Excel values in some of the properties can be assigned expressions such as numerical formulas time formulas or character string formulas. That allows us to customize without plugin development even in areas where plugin development was conventionally necessary.

The following requirements can be achieved by formula:

When you want to make a variable of possibility of allocation by skill level manufacturing time or preparation time
When you want to program effective inventory time limit by numerical formula
To assign valid conditions by requirements formula
To change by requirement the lead-time for purchasing production or delivery
To change minimum values for safe inventory levels by requirements
To assign numerical formulae to preparation time or manufacturing time
To assign possibilities of resource allocations by means of conditional formulas
To have one product item with multiple masters change by requirement
To conditionally branch part of the BOM assignment
To assign the formula for calculating required material quantities by numerical formula
Assign requirements formula for furnace organization
To execute repeat processing until required conditions are met
To program the evaluation formula for deciding allocation of resources
To assign by numerical formula or conditional formula the delivery margin time (buffer) for an order
To temporarily pause schedule processing by assigned condition
To display in red scheduled results or changed orders and work
To change formulas for calculating KPI
To change the formula for calculating number of just-in-time kanban
To change the display color background color or format of character strings displayed
To filter by means of conditional formula when importing or exporting data
To automatically change data during import or export

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