* Asprova operates on Windows. see Recommended Operating Environment.

1. When installing Asprova for the first time, please execute the [Asprova-Installer-En.exe] installer and follow the following instructions.
This is the first screen when the installer runs. Click on the Next button.

step01 - open Download folder

2. Confirm the terms in the License Agreement, and tick "I accept the terms of the license agreement" box, then click on Next button.
step02 - extract zip file

3. In the [Choose Destination Location] screen, select the desired installation folder and click on the Next button.
step03 - select a destination

4. The installation will begin and show the progress.
step04 - extract folder

5. When installation is finished, it will show this final screen. You can check on “Launch Asprova” to start Asprova after this installation finishes. Click on Finish button to end the installation process.
step05 - execute setup.exe

If Asprova fails to install, please refer to this page .

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