Purchase order in Asprova SCM

Purchase order is used to describe the delivery between different sites. Production order and inventory order in one site are pegged with the ones in other sites by purchase order. So operation input instruction is generated for purchase order in Asprova SCP.

The assigned resource and lead time is decided by the settings in Purchase order.

If there are sales orders in order table, the purchase order will be generated automatically. In this case, "Order class" will be set as "Registered order". The "Order class" of purchase order generated by auto-replenish is set as "Replenishment order". The "Order class" of purchase order is set as "Registered order" when the purchase order is registered manually.



It is set automatically in Asprova SCP.

The due date on inventory graph is withdrawn automatically.

In case that the "Order class" of purchase order is "Registered order", the quantity is withdrawn every day until the "Due date" of order based on the "Order quantity". So when the quantity on inventory graph is minus, the order should be over the due date.


In case that the "Resource type" of the resource assigned to purchase order is "Delivery" and the "Show inventory on inventory graph" is "Yes", the item used by the delivery resource is generated automatically and displayed on inventory graph.


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