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Graphical master overview

It is only used by Asprova SCP.

There are item and delivery route for each combination which is combined by each customer (demand source and delivery destination) and each supplier (supply source) in purchase master table.
If there are many items or delivery routes, required time for every item and every route should be registered in this table.

Select "Table View/Purchase master" from main menu and open purchase master table.


Enter properties

 CustomerSpecify the site of the customer (demand source and delivery destination).
 SupplierSpecify the site of the supplier (supply source). One customer can be specified with many suppliers (1:N).
 ItemSpecify the items supplied by suppliers.
"*" means that all the sites in the site of specified supplier.
 ResourceSpecify the delivery route of the resource.
 DatesSpecify the available days for delivery.
In case of "*" or null, every day is available.
It can also be specified with "2010/11/1", "Wednesday" or from "start date" to "end date".
You can also specify the period as <start date>-<end date>.
 Start timeSpecify the start time of the delivery route.
In case of null, any time is available.
 Lead timeSpecify the lead time of delivery route.
 CostSpecify the cost of delivery route. It is used to calculate the "Weight - cost" property value of "Resource evaluation" in "Scheduling paramters settings" dialog.
 PrioritySpecify the priority of delivery route.
 Time constraint methodSpecify the time constraint method between orders.
 Time constraint MINSpecify the minimum value for time constraint between orders.


Supply chain is described as follows graph.


Please refer to followed table for much more detail info of delivery route.

SupplierCustomerDelivery routeDatesStart timeLead timePriorityCost
Supplier1Processing factoryTruckMon-Fri17:00:002 days901000
Supplier2Processing factoryAirplane  1 days501000
TruckMon-Fri17:00:003 days9010000
Processing factoryAssembling factoryTruckMon-Fri12:00:001 day 1000
Assembling factoryCustomer1TruckMon-Fri12:00:001 day 1000
Customer2TruckMon-Fri12:00:001 day 1000


The info described as above is registered as follows graph.


Edit data in purchase master.

There are lots of operations to edit data in purchase master.

Edit data

The data can be edited directly in the cell. In case that there are many options for the data in the cell. It can be selected from the drop down list.

Copy and paste

One or several cells or rows can be copied.
Select expected copied cells and click "Edit - Copy", then the data is copied into clipboard.
Select a destination cell and click "Edit - Paste", then copied data will be pasted.
But if the data type of destination cell is different with the one of the copied data, it will NOT be pasted.
For example, the data type of copied data is string, but the data type of destination cell is number.
In case that one row is copied and pasted, a red "New" tag will be displayed above the row number. It will disappear when the purchase master table is opened again.

Please click here for more info about copy and paste.


One or several cells can be filled at one time.
Select filled cells, move the mouse to the right bottom of selected cells and the cursor is changed to "+".
Then click the left key and drag the mouse.

Fill rule

In case of one cell, the same value will be filled. But if there is number character in the selected filled string, the most left number will be increased by 1 for each time.
When filling multiple cells, the original data selected to be filled is repeatedly filled. But if there is number or date character in the selected filled string, what's more there is a rule for the string, the rule will be applied when new cells is filled.

Column operation

The column width of table can be changed by dragging mouse on the dividing line between columns.
In case that many columns are selected, all columns' width will be the same as the selected column when the column width is changed.

The column width can be changed separately, but you also can set one column with and make all columns' width are the same with the specific column width.

Select columns and drag it by mouse, then the display order can be changed.

Row operation

The row height of the Table view can be changed by dragging the mouse between rows.
The height of multiple rows can be changed simultaneously by selecting multiple rows and then changing the height.

Normally the height of rows is changed in batch, but by changing the setting, the height of individual rows can be changed.

Popup menu

Right click on purchase master and popup menu is displayed.

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