J: Auto-replenishment production

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In Sample J, the following Asprova's features are included in the settings.

  1. Auto-replenishment production

Process Configuration

Key Points

1. Auto-replenishment production

Related tables

- Item table

If the item is the target for auto-replenishment, set "Auto-replenish flag" to "Yes". Also, specify the minimum acceptable inventory quantity in the "Inventory MIN" field and the lot size of auto-replenished orders using the three properties "Production lot size MAX", "Production lot size MIN", and "Production lot size UNIT".

For "Inventory fluctuation method", "Instantaneous/Instantaneous" is supported.

- Order table

Register the current inventory quantity of the target items. Set "Order type" to "Inventory (absolute)" or "Inventory (fluctuation)" and specify values in the Code, Order quantity, and Due date fields.

If you select "Inventory (absolute)", you need to specify a past date.

Example of data settings

Set items B1 and C as items to auto-replenish.

[Item Table]

CodeAuto-replenish flagInventory MINInventory fluctuation method Production lot size MAXProduction lot size MINProduction lot size UNIT

[Order Table]

CodeOrder typeItemDue dateOrder quantity
Stock-takingB1Inventory (absolute)B12003/11/06 00:00:007
Stock-takingCInventory (absolute)C2003/11/06 00:00:008

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