A-2: Resource setup by instruction code



In this sample, the switching setup time of each worker and mold registered as sub resources is defined in the resource setup table, and the setup time is equivalent to the total of these times. This feature is a Ver.15.0 restricted feature.

Process Configuration


Related tables

Integrated Master table

ItemProcess numberProcess codeInstruction typeInstruction codeResource/ItemSetupProductionTeardown
ItemA10P1Use instructionMPress06h 
Use InstructionS0Worker 0 
Use instructionS1Metal mold 0 


Resource table

Resource codeResource group
Press 1Press
Press 2Press
Worker 1Worker
Worker 2Worker
Metal mold 
Metal mold 1Metal mold
Metal mold 2Metal mold


- Resource setup table

This table defines the switching setup time for each “instruction code” used by the Integrated Master. (For information on setup time, please see this topic.

ResourceInstruction codeResource LResource RSetup Time


- Project settings "Setup time calculation method" property is "Total value" (Ver.10 Restricted feature)

Since it is set to “Total value”, the total time of the switching setups of the press and workers, which are the main resources, becomes the setup time.

After opening the data, move the operations with the mouse. The setup time to be inserted according to the assigned resources.

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