7 KPI and HTMLView

Samples Overview


This sample is based on Sample 1: Packing, with some additions.

Key points

1. Sales orders

Sales orders are generated based on the Sales plan table.

References: Sales order option,Sales plan table

2. Purchase orders

Raw materials are registered as purchase orders in the order table.

References: Purchase orders option

3. KPI

KPI is calculated using the given item unit prices and hourly cost of resources.

References: KPI option

4. HTML view

The HTML view is used to load a component showing the KPI data and schedule evaluation data as radar charts.

References: HTML view, Pocket manual series No.16
* Please see this topic if the radar chart does not display correctly.

5. Display colors

References: Customizing display and print colors

6. Monetary display on the Inventory graph

References: Inventory graph

7. Viewing of changes between schedulings

References: Pocket manual series No.14

8. Item gantt chart

References: Operation gantt chart

9. Day demarcation time

References: Changing the day demarcation time

10. Day of week zoom factor, Time of day zoom factor

References: Setting a gantt chart to display only from 9:00 to 17:30, Setting a gantt chart to display night-time periods at half width

11. Style settings, hiding of unnecessary styles

References: Style table, Style settings

12. Production plan table

References: Production plan table, purchase plan table

13. Changing the Scheduling basis time and Scheduling period start time

References: Setting the scheduling basis time, Setting the scheduling period

14. Resource row left part text


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