Samples Overview

Asprova APS provides the following dialogs:
This capability enables you to:

Samples by business / Basic samples

1: Packing

1-2: Reduce production lead time

2: Molding

3: Processing repeatedly

4: Metal mold

5: Scheduling sales - production - purchase plan

6: Combination of resources and processeses according to process order without specific constraint

7: KPI and HTMLView

8: ETO (Engineer To Order)

Samples by feature

A: Sub resource, resource setup and inventory constraint

A-2: Resource setup by instruction code

B: Resource / operation lotsize, resource priority for each item

C: Resource internal setup, item setup and num spec

D: Merging process (Items to peg one-to-one), outresource

E: Spec, spec setup and repeated process

F: Rounding production time, production start time and production end time. Workers and molds.

G: One worker for multiple machines. Different worker with different work ability.

H: Specifying combinations of main and sub resources. Managing versions of registered data

I: Furnace and max suspend time

J: Auto-replenishment production

J-2: Time period grouping

K: Merging process, next resource constraint, specifying versions of input instructions

L: Next order constraint

M: Specifying move time between processes

N: Assigning resource quantity in proportion to production quantity

O: Resource buffer. Setting time relationship between production time of previous process and setup time of next process

P: EES and ESE. Operation split number and split parallel number.

Q: Branching process. Composite scheduling.Use instruction lotsize.

R: Auto-replenishment production (one-to-one production)

S: Operators changeover. Spliting operations by shift time.

T: Group assign (same start time)

T-2: Group assign (continuous)

Samples by feature are set as follows:


 Setting feature Sample
 Metal mold and tooling A
 Variable number of available workers B
 Disabling a resource B
 Resource split size MIN and MAX B
 Controlling resource assignment by num spec C
 Outsourcing a process D
 Ignoring resource quantity constraints D
 Controlling resource assignment by spec E
 Varying production time according to resource quantity E
 Workers and Molds F
 Rounding production times and start and end times F
 Single worker operating multiple machines simultaneously G
 Resource capacity of machine operator G
 Specifying combinations of main and sub resources H
 Specifying a scheduling freeze time for each resource H
 Specifying furnaces I
 Specifying a maximum operation suspend time I
 Constraining which resource can follow which K
 Assigning resource quantity in proportion to production quantity N
 Resource buffer O
 Specifying production suspend time MAX and Setup suspend time MAX Q
 Split condition expression S
 Split operation suspend time MAX S

Master data

 Settings Sample
 Operation lot size MAX B
 Merging process (items to peg 1-to-1) D
 Specifying a repeated process E
 Managing versions of registered data H
 Specifying Versions of input instructions K
 Specifying move time between processes M
 Setting time relationship between production time of previous process and setup start time of next process O
 Time constraints methods EES and ESE P
 Branching Processes Q
 Specifying operation split size MIN, MAX, and UNIT for use instructions Q


 Settings Sample
 Specifying a priority resource for each item B
 Generating replenishment orders by setting the Auto-replenish flag to "Yes", "Yes (one-to-one production)", or "Yes (inventory + one-to-one production)" R
 Time period grouping feature J-2


 Settings Sample
 Setup time for switching a sub resource (metal mold and tooling) A
 Resource setup by instruction code A-2
 Specifying a setup sub resource C
 Specifying allowable time periods for performing setup C
 Item Setup C
 Spec setup E


 Settings Sample
 Inventory constraints A
 Disabling an order D
 Auto-replenishment Production J
 Assigning user-specified settings corresponding to a particular process within an order K
 Next order constraints L


 Settings Sample
 Specifying split number and split parallel number P


 Settings Sample
 Bottleneck fixed composite scheduling Q
 Zero setup time between same splitted operations S
 Group assign option (same start time) T
 Group assign option (continuous) T-2

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