Show window

You can use the command for "Show window" by setting the style for the desired table or chart.

The command for showing a window has the following properties:

Window type

Choose the table or chart that is to be opened


Choose the style at the time of opening

Open when empty

Specify whether a window should still be opened even if there will be no data contained in it.


Opens when there is no objects to display


Do not open when there are no objects present

Example 1

By adding the show window command to a planning parameter.

Please set up the style as "Latest Errors and Warning" on the "Message Table" for the Window that is to be opened.
Please choose "No" for "Open when empy" This will open the window when errors or warnings exist, but will not show the window when the schedule has no problems.
Accordingly, you can tell whether or not the schedule contains errors or warnings after rescheduling is done.

Example 2

By adding the show window command to the custom menu. This allows convenient opening of the same table type with different styles.

* You cannot export the information on the style object when the command for starting window is XML exported.

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