Execute shell

The execute shell command allows you to run an external program with given parameters.
Since this is a command, it can be put into the rescheduling sequence or added under a custom menu as with any other command. Example of use might be to start up another program after the schedule has completed, or as a menu to simplify the manual invocation of another program.

The execute shell command has the following properties.

Shell command line

The external program to run

Shell command parameters

Parameters which may be necessary for the external program

Timeout duration (Ver.15.3 restricted feature)

Timeout duration is specified in milliseconds. When this time is exceeded, Asprova will proceed to execute the next command even if the shell command is still executing. If left empty, Asprova will wait until the current shell command finished execution before executing the next command. If 0 is specified, Asprova will not wait for the shell command to finish execution.

Example settings

Shell command lineShell command parametersResult
Excel.exe Starts Microsoft Excel
notepad.exec:\operation.tblStarts up Notepad, and opens the specified file

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