Resource time series generation

A resource time series is generated when the “Generate resource time series” command is executed.
Resource time series has the time for which the resource quantity for the operation and the operation time varies for each resource as well as its varying volume.

As shown below, the example is that the user can include the "Generate resource time series" command for the scheduling parameter.After that, the resource time series will be then generated if the user will perform this scheduling parameter.

If the user selects the "Table view/Advanced setting/Resource time series" from the menu, the resource time series table will be displayed.The user will thus able to check the generated resource time series.

Selection of output format (Ver. 14 restricted feature)

You can choose whether or not to use the former ASPROVA output format by setting the "Compatible with old versions" property of the Generated resource time series command.
The "Compatible with old versions" property cannot be displayed without a Ver. 14 or later license, and in this case output is always done in the "Compatible with old versions” format.

 Compatible with former Asprova
Setup main resourceYesYes
Setup sub resourceYesYes
Production main resourceYesYes
Production sub resourceYesYes
Teardown main resourceYesNo
Teardown sub resourceYesNo
Resource lockYesNo


Yes : Resource time series objects are generated.
No : Resource time series objects are not generated.
0 : Resource time series objects are generated, but the resource quantity is 0.

For an explanation of the resource time series property, click here.

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