Composite scheduling

In Asprova APS, you can define how rescheduling is to be performed by rearranging the scheduling commands.

A typical example is composite scheduling in which the scheduling is performed through the successive application of multiple sets of parameters.

Using the Command Editor Dialog, let's register two scheduling parameters under one parent command.

  1. Click on the [New] button and enter a new command name to create a blank parent command. (Make sure that "Copy existing command" is unchecked.)
  2. Select the parent command you have just created from the command list. From the custom commands list, select the parameter you want to add to the new parent command and click on the [Add] button.
  3. If you want to add another parameter, repeat the above action.
  4. Click on the OK button to close the Command Editor dialog.

If you select the parent command you created from the toolbar and click on the [Reschedule] button, the scheduling parameters you added to the parent command will be executed in sequence.

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