Purchase order option

Using this feature, you can assign purchase orders and peg them to manufacturing orders and sales orders.


A purchase order is an order of which the order type is "Purchase". You can specify purchase orders in the order table.

Assignment of purchase orders

Purchase orders is assigned by "Assign/peg orders", "Assign purchase orders" and "Assign MRP" commands. For resources to which to assign purchase orders, if customer code is specified in the Customer field of a purchase order, a virtual resource with the name of that customer code will be automatically generated to assign the purchase order to that resource. If no customer code is specified, a virtual resource with the name of "Purchase" will be automatically generated and the purchase orders will be assigned to that resource. The resource type of auto-generated resources is "Customer." If there is a calendar record that matches the auto-generated resources, a specific available time is generated to assign the purchase orders according to that time. If no matching calendar record exists, the resources can be assigned considering as available for 24 hours.

Auto-generated purchase orders

Purchase orders generated using the auto-replenishment production feature will be assigned to the earliest among the times of instructions to which the purchase orders are pegged . Resources to which to assign the purchase orders, are the same with the case of the purchase orders input by the user.

Purchase lead time

You can specify purchase lead time for each item. The purchase lead time you specified will be the length of the bar of purchase orders assigned. For example, if the purchase lead time is set to 12 hours, the length of the bar will be 12 hours. The default value is 6 hours.


Pegging purchase orders with manufacturing orders and sales orders is determined depending on item code, production quantity, and time of those orders. If the pegging condition is specified, purchase orders are pegged according to the specified conditions.

*The purchase order is an optional feature and a separate license is required in order to use it. Without the license, you cannot register purchase orders in Asprova. You can neither explode nor assign purchase orders with no license.


Purchase plan

When "Purchase" option existed, Purchase plan table can be used.

For purchase order in Asprova SCP module, please click here.

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