Assign orders

Scheduling Logic

After operations have been generated in the order explosion phase, Asprova then proceeds to assign these operations to locations on the time series of each resource. The "assign orders" command can assign the operations whose status is "unscheduled" or "scheduled". However, since usually the "Assign privileged operations" command assigns operations whose status is "frozen" or "released " and operations for which the results have been input, and the "Assign time fixed operations" command assigns operations whose times are fixed, operations other than those will be assigned in the following 4 phases:

The assignment direction determination phase and the dispatching phase determine the order in which operations will be processed. According to this order, tentative assignment and actual assignment phases will be carried out for each operation . In the tentative assignment phase, Asprova checks all of the possible candidate resource combinations for an operation and calculates an evaluation score for each one. In the actual assignment phase, each task of the operation is assigned to a location on the times series of the corresponding resources in the candidate resource combination with the highest evaluation score.

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