Kanban count

You may calculate the kanban count based on the result of assignment.


The expression for calculating the kanban count is specified in the "Kanban count expression" property (Kanban tab) of the scheduling parameter as follows

(Total qty within period / number of working days within period x lead time + safety stock) / container capacity

The actually specified expression (which can be changed) is as follows:


By executing the "Evaluate KPI" command, the kanban count is calculated.
You need to specify the data for the following properties in order to properly evaluate the default expression.

Kanban item

Specify the "Kanban item" property in the item's "Kanban" tab to "Yes."

Kanban lead time (Item_KanbanLeadTime)

Specify the item's kanban lead time to the "Kanban lead time" property in the item's "Kanban" tab.

Container capacity (Item_ContainerCapacity)

Specify the quantity put into the item's container to the "Container capacity" property in the item's "Kanban" tab.

Factory calendar resource (Project_ProductionCalendarRes)

Specify the resources whose working time is calculated to the "Factory calendar resource" property in the "Settings" tab of the project settings.

KPI calculation start time - KPI calculation time span (KPIEvaluator_PeriodKPIStartTime, KPIEvaluator_PeriodKPITimespan)

Specify the start time and time span to the "KPI calculation start time" and "KPI calculation time span" properties of the "Evaluate KPI" command (in the "KPI" tab).

The result of having executed the "Evaluate KPI" command will be displayed in the item's "Kanban count."

The following functions are prepared to calculate the kanban count.
Please click here for more information on internal functions.


The list of objects is filtered by conditions and the properties are counted.
SumIF('Order', Target.Qty > 50, Target.Qty ) -> The list is filtered by the order quantity larger than 50, and the quantities are added up.

GetWorkingDays(Start time,end time,target resource,the minimum necessary working time to be regarded as one day)

Calculate the working days of the target resource from its start time to end time. The necessary working time to be counted as one day will be specified as well.
GetWorkingDays( #2006/10/01 00:00:00#, #2006/10/15 00:00:00#, Me.OperationMainRes, 6H ) -> More than 6 hours within a day will be regarded as one day, and the working days of the main resource for a certain operation from 10/1 to 10/15 will be calculated.

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