Task selector

Task selector

Generally, a combination of main resource / sub resource / internal setup resource that is capable of procuring a certain item cannot always be used for every combination of the same type of those resources. For example, only a new tooling can be used for new equipment and an old tooling for old equipment. By specifying task selectors, you can make this kind of complicated settings.

You can group use instructions for producing a certain item using task selectors. An example is given below.

[Integrated master]
Task selectorInstruction typeInstruction codeResource/Item
1Use instructionMR1;R2;R3
1Use instructionS1K1
2Use instructionMR3
2Use instructionS1K2
2Use instructionS2Man
3Use instructionMR4
3Use instructionS1K2;K3
3Use instructionS2Man
3Use instructionI1Man

With the above settings, 6 combinations of resources can be defined as follows:

Main resourceSub resource1Sub resource2Internal setup sub resource1

In addition, if use instructions with a task selector specified in the process and those without are mixed, those without a task selector are shared by all task selectors.
For example, suppose that the Integrated Master is set as follows.

Task selectorInstruction typeInstruction codeResource
AUse instructionMMachine 1
AUse instructionMMachine 2
AUse instructionS0Tool X
BUse instructionMMachine 3
BUse instructionMMachine 4
BUse instructionS0Tool Y
 Use instructionS1WorkerA
 Use instructionS1WorkerB

From task selector A and shared sub resource (S1), the combinations of possible resources are

Main resourceSub resource1(S0)Sub resource2(S1)
Machine 1Tool XWorkerA
Machine 1Tool XWorkerB
Machine 2Tool XWorkerA
Machine 2Tool XWorkerB

and from task selector B and shared sub resource (S1), the combinations are

Main resourceSub resource1(S0)Sub resource2(S1)
Machine 3Tool YWorkerA
Machine 3Tool YWorkerB
Machine 4Tool YWorkerA
Machine 4Tool YWorkerB

which gives eight possible resources.

Task selector valid condition

If you specify task selectors and execute scheduling, Asprova will determine which task selector to use.

If you want to specify a condition to select a certain task selector, you can use a task selector valid condition.
You specify a task selector valid condition by an expression. The object that the task selector will have is an operation.


Task selector valid condition to select orders with production quantity of 100 or greater


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