User specified setup time, production time and teardown time


User specified setup time
User specified production time
User specified teardown time

properties of the operation class can be used to specify a time length for these tasks individually.

* The user specified setup and teardown properties are a Ver.7 restricted feature.


Effects when used with other settings that affect the use-time of a task.

-Production factor (resource class) settings will be ignored.

-When the Resource quantity constraints property of a resource is set to 'According to resource quantity' this setting will be adhered to

-When the status of the operation is Frozen, these settings will be ignored and the operation will be assigned at the last-assigned position

-Any settings made via EIIFilterCalcDuration will take priority

Effects which are only applicable to setup and teardown user-specified times.

-When a user-specified time exists, the time specified in the integrated master will be ignored

・Even though the "Setup" or "Teardown" is NULL in IME table, there is still setup task. When there is a sub resource master use instruction in IME table, only the main resource of master use instruction has the setup task. If you want to create a setup task for sub resource, please specify a value like "0" in the "Setup" or "Teardown" property.

-Changeover setup time will be ignored. Thus the settings of "Setup time calculation method" property in "Project settings" dialog will be ignored. The user specified time will be available.

-Ignore the time specified by EIIFilterCalcCombinationSetupDuration, because EIIFilterCalcCombinationSetupDuration is assumed to set the setup time and teardown time.

-The "Zero setup time between same items" property and "Zero setup time between same split operations" property in "Project settings" dialog are ignored. User specified setup time will be available.

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