Classes and properties overview


This section explains classes and their properties existing in Asprova APS.

Pages of each class are composed as follows:

The name and overview of the class and the class name in COM are described at the beginning of each class. Properties and methods of the class are described in a list. The list is composed as follows:

TabName of the tab in which this property is displayed.
Property NameName of this property. The name in parenthesis represents the property name used for expressions and so on. The part described in blue represents the name and type of the property in COM.
Data TypeType of this property.
DescriptionDescription of this property. If any links exist, further details are available in other pages.

Properties described in a list of which the background color is gray are the properties only for old Asprova mode.

* The background of [Past order backup folder relative path] property of project class is gray. The properties which is not often used is displayed with gray background.

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