Object combo box



You can specify an object type property from a combo box in a table window or the properties window.

Existing objects of the target class will be displayed in the dropdown list.You can specify an object by simply selecting from this list.

For properties for which objects can be auto-generated, you can also directly input an object code that is not displayed in the list.

Object combo box filter expression

To filter the objects that are displayed in the dropdown list, specify an expression in the property "Object combo box filter expression" of the property definition class.
Only the objects that satisfy the conditional expression you specified will be displayed in the combo box.

OTHER object can be used in editing expression dialog of the object combo box after Ver.10.0.1.


?OrderItemDoes not display intermediate items and item groups.(However, items that are already referred to by orders will be displayed.)(ME.Type!='I'&&!FValid(ME.GroupContents))||FValid(ME.Order_Item_Rev[1])||FValid(ME.Child)||FValid(ME.MasterItem)
?ResourceResource groupDisplays only resource groups.FValid(ME.GroupContents)
?ItemItem groupDisplays only item groups.FValid(ME.GroupContents)
?ItemItem for order explosionDisplays only items with master data.FValid(ME.Child)
?OrderSpec 1Displays only when order item code contains spec1.Find( OTHER.Item.Code, ME.Code )

The above (1) to (4) are expressions specified by default.

Max objects shown in combo box

The larger the amount of data, the slower the speed of displaying the dropdown list of the combo box.For this reason, when the number of objects of the target class exceeds a certain number, an ordinary text box will be displayed instead of the combo box.

You can specify the number of objects to display from the property "Max objects shown in combo box" in the Settings tab of the workspace.
The maximum number is set to 10,000 by default.
To not to display the combo box at all, specify 0.
To always display the combo box, specify -1.

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