Most colors displayed on Asprova chart/table can be modified and customized. (Ver.11.0.0 restricted feature)

There are several palettes which can be selected in standard mode. You can also change standard palettes with your favorite color and save it from Palette Setting. Modified palettes can also be saved as and used.

The standard palettes are listed as follows.

 Palette name
 <<Blue+Clear Blue32>
 <Gray+Clear Blue32>


New Palette

Registers a palette with the current display color under a new palette name. A dialog to enter the palette name will be displayed, so specify a unique name.

Save Palette

Saves the current display color, overwriting the existing style. If you select a standard palette, the operation is the same as when selecting a new palette.

Delete Palette

Deletes a registered palette. The registered palette name is displayed in the sub menu. When you select the palette name you want to delete, a confirmation message will be displayed. It will be deleted when "Yes" is selected. It is not when "No" is selected.
However, the palette name of the selected palette is grayed out in the menu and cannot be deleted.

XML Export

Exports the palette information in XML file format. Select the palette that you want to export from the sub menu.
See here for more details.

Select Palette

The <standard palette> and the registered palettes appear under the menu separator. Select the desired palette to switch to for use.

ヲ Project file before Ver. 11

The function of this palette was added in Ver. 11.0.0. It makes it possible to save as multiple palettes, but in versions earlier than Ver. 11.0.0, only one palette project was saved to the project file.
Palettes used in versions prior to Ver. 11.0.0 are registered as palettes under the name of "user". If the display color was set with a version of Asprova earlier than Ver. 11.0.0, it is possible to use a display color previously set with the palette name “User”.

In addition, you can use the print color settings, but only when the palette name “User” is selected.

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