Merging cells


You can merge cells of the same value to display in a table view.

To merge cells, right-click to display a popup menu from the header of the column in which you want to merge cells and select [Merge Cells] from the popup menu.
Cells will be merged for the column in which you execute [Merge Cells] and columns the left of the column. Cells of the target columns will be merged when the cells have the same value.
To merge cells, even if scrolled, contents of the top cell will always be shown. (After Ver.11.0.2)

To unmerge cells, display the popup menu from the column header and select [Unmerge Cells].

Cells will be merged not only for the column in which you execute [Merge Cells] but also for all the columns to the left of that column.Usually, you will merge cells according to the following steps.

  1. Move the column for which you want to merge cells to the leftmost position of the table view.
  2. Execute [Merge Cells] in the rightmost column of the columns for which you want merge cells.

Example of merging cells

The above image shows the result of merging cells for two columns, i.e. Item and due date in the order table.

As for background colors of columns in which cells are merged, the property Background color expression in the property definition is valid.If no value is specified for Background color expression, the background of the columns will be displayed in white.

If you move another column to the left of the columns in which cells are merged, cells in the moved column will also be merged.

*For the Integrated Master, cells are already merged in the initial settings and the settings are fixed.

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