Spec alias, NumSpec alias


In the Settings tab of scheduling parameters, setting an alternate name for the

Spec alias
Num Spec alias

properties allows the changing of displayed names for spec properties.

There are multiple spec/num spec properties. These properties can be separated with a semicolon to set multiple values on one line.
The semicolon-delimited order and specifications/number specifications correspond, with the first semicolon-delimited one corresponding to spec1, the second one to spec2, and so on.

The settings given for Spec alias/Num Spec alias will be used in the following locations. By just making these settings in one location, they can be reflected in multiple locations.

* Column title in the order table

* Column title in the item table

* Column title in the resource table

* Menu title of the spec options in the table menu

Note that there is an alternative method of setting these alias values by changing values in property and class definitions.However the method described here is an easier way to achieve the same result, and only requires one change in order to affect many locations throughout Asprova.

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