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Setting “Edit peg objects (bar tab) in the display settings to “Yes” makes it easy to add and change pegs on Gantt charts by mouse operation.
You can also select a pegged object, delete it from the right-click menu, and display the properties window of the pegged object.
This feature is a Ver. 15 restricted feature.

The [Pegging type] property of the pegged object created or changed by this operation becomes "Time constraint", and the [Fixed flag] property becomes [TRUE].
Since the [Fixed flag] property is set, this pegged object will remain even after the next rescheduling.
If [Quantity fixed] and [Fixed flag] are set to [FALSE], the pegged object will be deleted unless there is a setting corresponding to this pegged object in the [Next orders] of the order.

However, if there are an output instruction and an input instruction for the same item in the previous process operation and next process operation, [Pegging type] is [item (within same order)] and item pegging results.
In that case, pegging is done by ignoring the pegging condition expression. The quantity is the smallest of [Remaining qty] of the output instruction and [Remaining qty] of the input instruction.


  • Resource lock tasks cannot be pegged.
  • The pegging edit feature is supported by Asprova DS from Ver. 15.0. For details, please click here.

For information about pegging of time constraints, please see this topic.

For details about the various popup menus, please refer to the following.

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