Using the Sort Expression dialog

Here we will sort a table view or table view part of a table time chart by the properties we specify.

Using the Sort Expression dialog.
Double-clicking on a column header.

Double-clicking on a column header

If you double-click on a column header of the property for which you want to sort, the data will be sorted by that property. Every time you double-click on the same column header, each double-clicking toggles the sort direction between ascending and descending, such as the first double-clicking sorts in ascending order, the second double-clicking sorts in descending order, the third double-clicking in ascending order, and so on.
The sort conditions executed by double-clicking are accumulated in the Sort Expression dialog. The earliest executed condition is saved as the highest priority condition, and the latest executed condition as the lowest priority condition.

Sort Expression Dialog

You can execute sort using the Sort Expression Dialog.

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