Style tabs

Supplimentary Information

The Tab View can be applied to both Chart and Table windows.
You can quickly switch the display back and forth by choosing the tab.

The Chart and the Table displays different contents when the Tab View is employed.


The Tab View displays the Style.


The Tab View displays the Style.
The Tab View is enabled by the property grouping which is same as the property window.

Whether the tab view is enabled or disabled is undertaken in the following manner.

1. Initial Setup Dialog can either enable or disable the Tab View when a new project is prepared.

2. The Tab View is enabled by the "Window Tab View" property under the "Setup" tab which sets up the work space.

3. The Tab View is enabled by the "Tab View" property under the "View" Tab which displays either the Table or Chart.

4. The tabs can be shown by enabling "Tab display" property under the "View" Tab in the display settings of either a table or chart.

The setup in the above 3 is applied to each window. When the setup is not undertaken, it complies with the workspace setup.
The setups in the above 1 and 2 are to be applied to the whole.

Order of Tab View, Visible/Hidden

The "View Order" property and the "Hidden Flag" property under the Style Table can set up the Tab View Order and Visible/Hidden settings.

It is possible to change the display name of a style tab by setting an alias in the style table.

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