Window buttons


The window buttons located on the upper right corner or upper left corner of the window have the following features from left to right:

Docking button

If you click on the docking button, the window will be in a docked state.
A docked window is a window that is fixed along any of the four borders of the Asprova APS main window.

If you hold down the Ctrl key and left-click on the caption of a window in a docked state, the window will be in a floating state.
If a window becomes a floating window, it will always be in the foreground.

If you click the docking button of a docked window or floating window, the docked state will be released.

Minimize button

Minimizes the window.

Maximize button

Enlarges the window to a full size of the Asprova APS main window.

Restore button

Returns a maximized window to its most recent, smaller size.

Close button

Closes the window.

For the object window, properties window and message window, you can change the size of the windows using the docked window expansion button.

Expand docked window

Maximizes the docked window by expanding the window horizontally. Other docked windows that are on the sides of the docked window will be contracted.

Contract docked window

Contracts the docked window so that other docked windows on its sides will be displayed.

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