Network User Dialog

Dialogs Overview

When using Asprova NLS or DS, the logged in or locked user information is displayed.

User Name

Name of logged in user


Module type of the logged in user

Serial Number

Asprova serial number of this user


This is checked if the user is currently logged in

Project locked

In Asprova DS, the corresponding check box is selected if the project is locked.


The project to which the user belongs.

IP Address

IP address of this user

Host name

Host name of this user


DS user download destination folder.

Change password

The password can be changed after logging into NLS or DS. Asprova NLS should be above Ver.


Popup menu

A popup menu as follows is displayed after right-clicking on the dialog.

Force Unlock

The scheduler module user can select this. This forcibly releases the locked state.

Force logout

A user with a scheduler module can click this to make another user logout forcibly. To read more about force logout, please refer here.
The version of Asprova should be over Ver.7.3.0 and Asprova DS/NLS should be over

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