Language changing

Asprova will be installed with one language available. For example the English language installer will install Asprova so that the Windows start menu items, help files, sample data etc. is in English.

On the other hand, the Asprova GUI can be displayed in different languages.
On the [Tools] menu, choose [Change language] to download language resources and change the active language.

(Ver.13 restricted feature. Information how to change the language of Asprova can be found here.)

Downloading language resources

You can download the latest language resources that are available online.
On the [Tools] menu, click [Change language] and then [Online Language Resource] to display the following dialog.

Select the language you want to download from the list, and click OK. The resource for the language whose version is displayed in the "Latest version" column in the dialog will be downloaded, and the display will be switched to the language.
The language is added to the [Tool > Change language] submenu.

If the resource cannot be downloaded from the network, the following dialog will appear.
Check the network connection and the like, and try again.

Language changing

Selecting a language from the [Tool > Change language] submenu

applies the following language resources to Asprova :
Menu and dialog
Table headers
Property descriptions.

At the same time, properties for the appropriate locale (in Workspace settings) will be applied. These are the following properties.

"Number format" property
"Date format" property
"Days of week format" property
"Currency format" property

The first time the user switches languages, the "Currency format" property will be obtained from the OS setting, and the "Days of week format" property will be obtained from the language resource.
The above information will be stored in the project file and used for subsequent language switches.
After switching languages the first time, the user might like to alter these locale settings, but it is not necessary to repeat these alterations each time the language is switched, since they are stored in the project file.

If the version available online is more recent than the language resource selected from the submenu, the following message will appear.

Clicking "Yes" will download the latest language resource and then switch the display.
Clicking "No" will switch the display without downloading the latest language resource.

Start in current language (Ver. 12.0.4 and later)

If [Tool]-[Start in current language] is selected from the menu, Asprova starts in the language that was selected the previous time Asprova was running.
The selected state can be changed each time you select [Tool]-[Start in current language] from the menu.

Language file versions

If the language resource version is older than the Asprova version, the following message will appear.

Clicking "Yes" will switch the display.

Clicking "No" will not switch the display.

Language resources

Language resources are stored in the following locations.

(1) If language resources have not yet been downloaded, the resource in


within the Asprova installation folder will be used.

(2) Downloaded language resources are stored in the following location.

Windows Vista and later


Windows Server 2003

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Asprova\Language

If resources are available in both (1) and (2) above, the one in (2) will be used.

About encodings

Depending on the language changed to, the encoding setting of the workspace may also need to be changed. Some languages may appear garbled if saved and reloaded using an incompatible encoding. For details see here.

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