User Registration Information dialog

Dialogs Overview

Displays the User registration information specified in the protector (followed dialog print screen come from the Version 7.3.0). Displays the user registration information specified in the protector.

For Network license server (NLS), the license info from NLS is displayed. Please refer here to find out how to get the license info.


User Registration

User login name or company name.

Serial No.

This is a unique number assigned for each individual license.


Complimentary, Demo, Trial, Experience versions


Product name (Module type).


The version which can work under current license.

Time Limit

Displays the time limit period. If there is no time limit, nothing will be shown.
Asprova cannot work if time limit is up.

Data Size Limit

MAX operation qty. If the total operations of the account exceeded the MAX limit, Asprova cannot reschedule.

Maintenance Limit

Displays the date of maintenance limit. If there is no maintenance contract, then it will not show any date.
The features of the Version that can be used depends on the maintenance contract period.

Version of usable features

Displays the usable New features (restricted features) according to the license version and maintenance limit.

Available option list

Displays the available options.

Optional features can be checked or unchecked in free/trial/demo version. When unchecked, the unchecked option cannot work. (All available options are selected in Complimentary version and cannot be unchecked.)
When MS Light is selected from Module type dialog, the available options related with MS Light is also selected and cannot be unchecked.

In default situation, all options are checked in free, trial, demo version. When building the prototype, someone might use the unknown option. So please discuss which option is needed or not before purchasing the license.


If the maintenance limit is exceeded, detailed messages related to the license will be displayed here.

Update user info

When maintenance contact is updated, time limit is extended, or new option is added, Asprova's distributor or Asprova corporation will send the magic number to the customer.
This magic number is to be applied to here. For details, please refer here.


Validate backup protector method

For more information about the backup version protector, please refer here.


Protector before Ver.7.3.0

Before Ver.7.3.0, the protector is displayed as follows.
The usage is the same as above.

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