Resource Gantt Search

Dialogs Overview

You can use the Resource Gantt Search dialog to find a certain use instruction bar on resource Gantt chart (Ver.7 restricted feature)

The order code and operation code of use instruction bars are matched against the search criteria.

Find what

Enter a string of characters you want to search.
If search string is not given, expression is used to match use instruction bars. If expression is also left unspecified, all use instruction bars are included in the search.

Find scope

Specify whether the order code or operation code of use instruction bars are matched against the search string.

Emphasis display (From Ver.8.0.4. Ver.9 restricted feature)

There is an emphasis option on the search dialog on resource Gantt chart to display related operations with emphasis color.
The status of the emphasis option can be recorded after closing the search dialog after closing the dialog and recover when open the search dialog again.In case that "Emphasis" option is checked, related operations are displayed with emphasis color.
Or else they are displayed with original bar color.

Search method

When complete match is selected, the use instruction bars are matched against the search string as a whole.
In the case of partial match, the use instructions, which only partially match the search criteria are also included.

Find up

If this option is not selected, the search flow advances downwards from left to right one resource line at time. When the search reaches the rightmost use instruction bar on the last resource line, it returns back to the beginning. (The search is performed from the top left to the bottom right in the Gantt chart.)
When the option is selected, the direction of the search flow is reversed.

If there are use instruction bars selected when searching, the search is ranged to these selected use instruction bars only.



When the button is pushed, Expression dialog is showed.
In this dialog, expressions to filter out certain use instructions can be specified. Only the use instruction bars that fulfill the expressions (i.e. result to true value) are included in the search. If no expressions are given, all use instructions are included in the search.

Find Next

When this button is pressed, the search advances to the next use instruction bar, which match the search criteria.

When the search is executed, the use instruction bar on the resource Gantt row becomes selected.
The focus is displayed over the selected bar (orange rectangle). ( Ver.13 restricted features. )
The found use instruction bar becomes selected, and if the found bar is not visible, the Gantt chart is automatically scrolled to show it.


It is also possible to use resource Gantt search dialog on composite charts that contain resource rows.


If there are no resource rows present, the following error message is displayed.

If no use instruction bars matching the search criteria are found, the following error message is shown.


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