Dispatching Rule dialog

Dialogs Overview

The dispatching rule dialog specifies the order in which operations are chosen during rescheduling.

To display the dispatching rule dialog, select [Schedule] - [Scheduling Parameter Settings...] from the menu or click on the [Scheduling Parameter Settings] button on the toolbar to display the scheduling parameter properties in the properties window and then click on the [...] button for the "Dispatching rule" property.

Dispatching Key

Specify here the dispatching keys. You can select from dispatching keys set by default and those that are newly created and registered. For details about the default dispatching keys, click here.


Select either ascending or descending order for sorting by the dispatching key you specified.

Dispatching keys with smaller list numbers will have higher priority. For example,

NumberDispatching key 
1Order priorityDescending
2Order due dateAscending

Operations will be first evaluated by order priority in descending order (i.e. biggest value first), and then operations with the same order priority will be evaluated by order due date in ascending order (i.e. earliest due data first).

For example, in case that the order priority and order due date are specified as dispathing rule keys, if all the orders have same priority and due date, they will have the same opporitunity to be assigned.
In this case, Asprova will sort the orders by order code.

You can use the buttons shown below to perform various operations for the dispatching key list.

This button moves the selected dispatching key one position down to decrease the priority.

This button moves the selected dispatching key one position up to increase the priority.

This button deletes the row of the dispatching key you selected.

This button adds a row to the dispatching key list.

This button deletes all the dispatching keys.

This button opens the Expression dialog. If you create and register a new conditional expression in this dialog, the expression will be registered as an option of a dispatching key.


Confirms the settings.


Cancels the settings.

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