GUI Overview

Main Window

Toolbars provide a user interface that enables you to easily execute menu items you often use by simply clicking on tool buttons.

You can attach each toolbar to any one of four sides of the main window. You can also move a tool button alone with holding down the Alt key.

Moving the mouse pointer onto a tool button causes a tooltips (brief explanation) to appear.

You can create and edit toolbars from [Tools] - [Customize...] in the menu.

Menu bar

Asprova APS's menu bar.


Basic commands such as opening and closing a file.


Commands regarding general settings in Asprova APS.


Commands regarding scheduling operations such as exploding orders and rescheduling.


Commands regarding Gantt chart operations such as fixing operations and selecting all operations.


Commands regarding screen display such as various chart display.


Tool buttons which the user can customize and configure. See here for details.

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