Custom Menu

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How to create a custom menu

Custom menus can be created in the following ways.

- From Custom Menu Table

- From Command Editor Dialog

Switching menus

You can switch between the custom menu and default menu by selection of [Show]-[Custom Menu] check box from the menu.

Saving a custom menu

Custom menus can be imported or exported as XML files.

Custom menu by user and module type

When using Asprova NLS or Asprova DS and logging in by entering a user name, a menu for each user can be created.
A menu for each module type can be created as well.

Custom menus for individual users can be created by each user by setting the “Menu management” properties of the workspace, or they can be created by the project manager and assigned to users. (Ver.15 restricted feature)

Each userEach user can customize menus. You can also choose between the default menu and custom menus.
Project managerThe project manager creates and assigns custom menus for each user. Normal users cannot choose between the default menu and custom menus.

Menu managementLogged in userSwitching menusEditing one’s own menuXML importNew/DeleteEditing others’ menusTest menu
Project managerProject managerPossiblePossiblePossiblePossiblePossiblePossible
UserNot possibleNot possibleNot possibleNot possibleNot possibleNot possible
Each userProject managerPossiblePossiblePossiblePossiblePossiblePossible
UserPossiblePossiblePossibleNot specifiedNot possibleNot possible
  • Switching menus means switching by selecting [Show] - [Custom Menu] check box from the menu.
  • When Asprova DS is used, the project manager needs to lock the project in order to edit the menu of normal users.
    The editing content of custom menus cannot be uploaded to Asprova DS as differential data.


Notes on using the Command Editor Dialog

Although all operations are possible on the Custom menu table, some operations cannot be performed in the Command edit dialog.

 Editing one’s own menuNew/DeleteEditing others’ menusTest menu
Custom Menu TablePossiblePossiblePossiblePossible
Command Editor DialogPossibleNot possibleNot possibleNot possible

For details on the project manager, click here.

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