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Table Time Chart Basic Operations

The [Window] menu provides the following items:


Displays multiple windows in cascade style.

Tile Horizontal

Aligns multiple windows horizontally.

Tile Vertical

Aligns multiple windows vertically.


Splitting a chart horizontally. If you select [Window] - [Split] and click the left mouse button at the desired position, the window will be split at that position into two panes. Horizontal and vertical scrolling can be controlled separately for each pane.

Close All Windows

Closes all the currently opened windows.

New Resource Gantt Chart

Opens a new Resource Gantt Chart.

New Dispatching view

Opens a new Dispatching view.

New Pegged Order Gantt Chart

Opens a new Pegged Order Gantt Chart

New Order Gantt Chart

Opens a new Order Gantt Chart.

New Operation Gantt Chart

Opens a new Operation Gantt Chart

New Inventory Graph

Opens a new Inventory Graph.

New Load Graph

Opens a new Load Graph.

New Lead Time Graph

Opens a new Lead Time Graph.

New Due Date Achievement Graph

Opens a new Due Date Achievement Graph.

New HTML View

Opens a new HTML view.

List of Windows

Displays a list of the currently opened windows.
Each window's name will show the applicable style name at the end (if any).
The window whose name is selected from the list will be displayed at the front.

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